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Melbourne MP3 Of The Week: Heart Beat Slow

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Melbourne/Japanese band Tailor Made For A Small Room take us on a sentimental journey with this brief, thoughtful piece of slow electronic pop.

Twitching dial-tones open the track before it kicks into low gear with looped organs buzzing like Kid A-era Radiohead. The bassline stomps through the synthetic wash, giving the laconic melody some liveliness, while acoustic guitars click along with tweeting keyboards adding a sense of computerised wonder. There’s also a fairly phat beat in there (unless you’re listening through laptop speakers, stop doing that!)

“Good times grow / Bad times flow / Forming together as one…” says an airy vocal with a real, classic 90s sense of nostalgia. The come-to-the-end-of-my-road feeling couldn’t be more relevant in the case of Tailor Made, whose two singer/songwriters are on expired temporary visas from Japan and will be flying out of the country the morning after their final show in a few days time.

I get the feeling the song ends a bit before its climactic focal point, but then, these guys aren’t Muse, and if you just keep pressing the rewind button you’ve probably got nothing to complain about.

Tailor Made For A Small Room are playing June 13, catch them before they’re no more!


Tailor Made For A Small Room play
The Workers Club, 51 Brunswick St Fitzroy
Monday 13th June. Doors open 1.30pm, $6 entry
(Zeal, Pascal Babare, and Francis Plagne supporting)


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