Super Smash Bros Championship

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Remember wasting hour upon hour playing video games when you were a kid thinking “this is fun, but it’s never going to win me fame, glory and the respect of my peers?” Well, while it was an astute observation from your younger self, he or she was wrong.

Keep Tuesday free, when The Worker’s Club is hosting The Super Smash Bros. Melbourne Championship!

Entry is free and sign-up for the tournament starts at 7pm, with the games kicking off at 8.30pm. With Super Smash Bros. being projected onto a big screen for all to see, you’ll never get a chance to witness Mario, Pikachu, Samus and all the rest this large and in-charge.

So dust off your N64s (who are you kidding? It’s been plugged in to the 32cm TV in your bedroom ever since you got it for Christmas in 97) and get practicing!

Super Smash Bros Melbourne Championship
Tues June 7, 7pm – 10pm
The Worker’s Club
51 Brunswick St, Fitzroy



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