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Warming Up At Coconut House

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When the sun and high-rise buildings disappear behind grumbly grey clouds, it’s a sign that winter has arrived. For me, days like these demand comforting activities. Unfortunately blankets, pillows and open flames draw raised eyebrows at work, so I’ve learned that hot soup is a socially acceptable alternative. My personal preference on days like these is a big bowl of golden curry Laksa.

Like a moth to a flame was I drawn to Coconut House on Elizabeth Street; a little Malaysian street-food purveyor serving up classics like Nasi Lemak, BBQ Chicken and of course, Laksa. Having never been to Malaysia I can’t attest to the food’s authenticity, but perhaps the ever-present crowds of Malaysian and Singaporean diners might be able to. The business is so pumping that a second store was opened a few doors up to house the extra customers. Authenticity aside, I can definitely vouch for the tastiness.

The Traditional Curry Laksa ($8.90) was, in my humble opinion, everything it should be and more! A deep golden coconut curry base, noodles enough for two, succulent slices of roasted chicken breast, puffed tofu, bean shoots, green beans, fish cake slices, creamy grilled eggplant, prawns, a dollop of spicy sambal and a sprinkling of fresh coriander on top. It is a veritable feast in a bowl, each component more pleasurable than the last.

One thing I love about Laksa is that your surroundings fade away as you devour it. It’s difficult to read or even carry out a conversation simultaneously, so it’s best just to get stuck in and enjoy. At Coconut House, the food comes quickly and you can slurp your way through just as fast then waddle back to work with clear sinuses, a warm belly and a sense of anticipation for the next wintry lunch-time.

Coconut House
449 Elizabeth St
Melbourne, 3000
9329 6401
Open seven days, 11.30am – 9pm

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