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Revolt Melbourne

Posted by Brett Hamm


When people think of Kensington, chances are cutting-edge underground art isn’t the first thing that comes to mind. However, lurking behind the walls of the historic Younghusband Factory building is Revolt Melbourne—an independent multi-platform arts venue dedicated to “giving freedom to the creatively different”.

Founded by a trio of Brisbane natives—production designer Ryan Hodge, his brother Steven (a dancer with years of experience at Tokyo Disney) and hospitality veteran Tim Fulton—Revolt was conceived as a space to provide artists with both the creative and technical support to ensure their projects have the opportunity to grow.

Initially imagined as a Brisbane-based project, difficulties with funding bodies and local councils forced them to consider alternative locales. “Melbourne has a far greater and more diverse cultural landscape” says Administration Manager Sean Hasemann. “Ryan and Steven relocated to Melbourne to work in the arts down here and found it was a much more nurturing environment. There was a need in the market for Revolt…whereas in Brisbane that market doesn’t exist at this point. Or at least it only exists on a far smaller scale.”

Since launching in November, Revolt has held a very specific ethos at its core. “It would always be an underground-style thing,” says Hasemann. “It’s a location-based venue. It’s not in the middle of the city where people can just walk past and drop in for a beer. We really wanted to make it so you had to venture out, you’d be interested in something that was going on behind the walls and make an effort to get there rather that just drawing crowds for the sake of selling alcohol.”

Catering to live music, theatre performances, film screenings and art exhibitions, Revolt provides creative space for artists to develop their shows while providing access to technical expertise, world–class equipment and creative services.

“We’ve got creative people in place to assist and provide guidance…help it get off the ground” says Hasemann. “We’ve got a really experienced team to help them avoid making the same mistakes they may have been made or look at things that might be slightly more advanced than the stage they’re at” says Hasemann.

“We want to provide a space in which you’re able to create things that aren’t run of the mill…with the intention of growing it on a large scale. So rather than seeing things go to waste because there’s an incompatible venue, or artists don’t have access to all the resources they require…we take a sustainable approach, tyring to build that into the arts industry.”

Coming up in the next month for Revolt is the F**k Plan B Party thrown by local band The Jane Austen Argument (May 20), the Who Wants to be a Terrorist online launch and fundraiser (June 10) and a performance by post-modern bush band Jenny M Thomas and the System (June 11).

Revolt Melbourne
12 Elizabeth Street, Kensington


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