Living Below The Line

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You have $1.25 a day to cover all your food, shelter, health, transport and other necessities. That’s the Extreme Poverty Line and there are over 1.4 billion people who try to survive on less income than that. And while the cynical might argue that the cost of living is less in developing nations, the World Bank has calculated $1.25US as the Extreme Poverty Line via equivalence in prices.

Live Below The Line is a fundraising and awareness campaign that calls for people to feed themselves for no more than $2 a day between the 16th-20th of May. It’s a difficult and challenging task, but not improbable, many Australians manage this reality daily. In fact, it’s estimated that in a twelve month period 400,000 Victorians alone will run out of food to eat and not be able to afford to buy more. 

Taking the Live Below The Line challenge will give you some sort of insight into the struggles of those living below the poverty line, while also providing a meaningful way to raise some cash to put towards a collective effort to enforce real change. Last year’s ‘Live below the Line’ campaign has allowed for one primary and three secondary schools to be opened in Papua New Guinea, plus hundreds of multiple year scholarships for children to attend.  

Please visit www.livebelowtheline.com.au.  It’s not too late to be part of this wonderful initiative.

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