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Anyone who has ever stepped foot inside the Deli Hall at the Queen Victoria Market knows about the Borek and Kransky sensation. From a distance, the shopfronts resemble a stock exchange trading room, where desperate customers wave their money to secure these tasty morsels. Working around the corner from the market affords me entry to this show three days a week but, despite my love for these cheap and tasty treats, there’s more to explore when it comes to market snacking.

Join me on a quest to discover some new, affordable and, above all, delicious lunches from the Vic Market.

Colours of Earth, Deli Hall
Wedged between the Borek and Kransky shops, this eatery specialises in gluten free pizza. I’d only ever glanced at it from the Borek queue, so decided to pick the most eye catching pizza for my first taste – the Red Earth ($6.50). I was concerned that a pink beetroot base topped with pumpkin, more beetroot, cheese and roasted nuts would be overly sweet, but these fears were allayed as I bit into the warm salty dough and felt the caramelized cubes of pumpkin and beetroot melt in my mouth. This pizza disappeared in two minutes flat.

The Vic Market Cake Shop, Deli Hall
Just near the Therry Street entrance to the Deli Hall, you’ll find this cake shop/bakery with its impressive range of treats, macaroons and vegan sweets. The Boscastle Beef and Guinness Pie for $4.50 met all my criteria: melt-in-your-mouth chunks of steak swimming in a rich Guinness-y gravy, complimented perfectly by small bits of carrot and celery. I’ll definitely be back to try the Beef Burgundy!

Trio Of Dips, Deli Hall
The 3 dips for $10 deal is a real crowd pleaser, with their interesting flavours, home-made status and good value for money. Most of the delis offer the deal, and the owners will happily tell you about their personal favourites, best-sellers and even hint at the secret ingredients. I picked up a fresh beetroot dip, creamy spinach & pine nut dip and an exquisite carrot, sweet potato, coriander and chili dip. The best way to enjoy these is to grab some crackers or fresh Turkish bread, then meander over to the nearby Flagstaff Gardens and enjoy them picnic style.

La Cantina, F Shed
In amongst the Australiana souvenirs, follow the sounds of Latin music to the Peel Street end of F Shed, where you’ll come across La Cantina. Here they serve tapas and rustic home-style South American food which my friend swears is just like mama makes. It is messy with robust flavours and is Home of the Best Steak Sandwich I’ve ever eaten. The Churrassco Chacarero ($9.50) is a large, herbed foccacia filled with peppered steak, home-made guacamole, home-made mayo, home-made salsa verde, fresh tomato and fresh green beans. It is an amazing combination of my favourite flavours, and La Cantina’s relaxed pace means you can eat it as unattractively as you please. Tuck in while enjoying the Latin tunes and a beer in the outdoor seating area.

For Dessert…
The people who run La Cantina also run the famous Spanish Donut van where you can grab one of their famous hot and crunchy long donuts.
Back in the Deli Hall, ‘Juice Haven’ serves up a range of fruity treats and flavoured yogurts. I ordered a small tub of fruit and yogurt that smelled of a freshly snapped vanilla bean and had the comforting flavours of stewed apple and rhubarb ($5).
Or if you’re watching the waistline (particularly after the Churrassco and the beer) go for some good old fashioned fruit from the famously vocal vendors.

All shops are open during Market Hours:
Tue and Thurs 6am – 2pm
Fri: 6am – 5pm (general merchandise to 4pm)
Sat: 6am – 3pm
Sun: 9am – 4pm

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