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Four And A Half Walls Of Art

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Four and a Half Walls is a Brunswick dining room with a double life –  a re-zoned gallery space hosting periodic ‘in-house’ art exhibitions and events run by its resident curators Marissa Cooke and Jodi Newcombe. Four and a Half walls, named after the 4.5 walls of the dining room that it inhabits was founded on the notion that ‘a wall is a terrible thing to waste’.

“We moved into this enormous house in Brunswick and it felt too big for just the two of us” Marissa said, “so one night over a bottle of wine we talked about starting an art gallery in our dining room…and then we actually did. Which surprised us both.”

The Four and a Half Walls website invites other interested curators to join their ‘Private Art Movement ‘ and contribute their own walls to the movement.

“Jodi and I were both really interested in curating art-based events in a residential setting that invite the private artist, i.e. all of us to participate.” Marissa said. “We’re especially keen on high concept exhibitions that involve crowd-sourcing art work that culminates in a participatory art event – otherwise known as a party.”

Four and a Half Walls’ last participatory exhibition, “Who am iphone?” invited contributors to reflect on the ultimate existential question by submitting mobile phone self-portraits accompanied by personal statements. iphoneographers from around the world were sourced from flickr and invited to exhibit along-side local crowd-sourced works with an audience vote, interactive self-portrait generator and award for the best self-portraits on the opening night.

Following in this vein, Four and a Half Walls’ new exhibition, Manifesto! invites artists, thinkers, revolutionaries and provocateurs to submit text or video Manifestos for the new millennium and/or design a propaganda poster for their new movement.

From personal rants to global visions of a new world order, all Manifestos are welcome! Selected crowd-sourced works will be exhibited at the opening night party along with interactive manifesto generation, a Manifesto! soap box and lots of revolutionary debate.

The Manifesto! exhibition opening party is on May 14th @7pm
For more information or to obtain the private address for the event, visit or email


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