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A film with the title Mega Piranha was never going to be anything but a bit of fun. From the production company that brought you Snakes on a Train and Titanic II, Mega Piranha is an obvious, and – most importantly – unashamedly self-aware cash-in on last years cult hit Piranha 3D.

The story follows military man Jason Fitch (Days of Our Lives stalwart Paul Logan) and his quest to uncover the truth behind the death of an American diplomat in South America. Traveling to the Amazon, Fitch finds a bunch of mutating piranhas that seem to be growing at an alarming rate. Along with the scientists responsible for the mutation, Fitch takes on the piranhas and finds it isn’t as easy as shooting fish in a barrel.

Featuring a couple of familiar faces, most notably 80’s teen popstar Tiffany, whose lack of acting skills fits in nicely with the rest of the skill used to make this film, and Barry Williams, more commonly recognised as the original Greg Brady. Suffice it to say, the calibre of performance mirrors the film’s own deficiencies.

‘Mum, tell Marcia I love her.’

Showcasing some of the worst acting and special effects on offer today, you have to wonder in what kind of environment would this film would deliver any sort of enjoyment or entertainment? Well, Cinema Nova knows its audience, and from the 22th of April is playing Mega Piranha as part of their late night Cult Cravings line-up, following the success of the immensely popular and enjoyable The Room.

Though it does try to toe-the-line in terms of ‘so bad it’s good’ entertainment, Mega Piranha sometimes strays, heading into painful territory, but it’s light and fun and ridiculous, and there are a lot worse ways one could spend a Saturday night. Takes some friends, have a few beers and let this awful film do its awful thing.

Mega Piranha is showing at Cinema Nova
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