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When you really think about it, South Melbourne is known for two things: South Melbourne Market and coffee at St Ali (not necessarily in that order either.)

But something had been missing, and as fate dictates there is no two without three. Little did we all know as we sipped our serious coffee and bought our groceries these last few months that a new project was baking.

Chez Dré is the French inspired patisserie and café conceived by Andrea Reiss, a Melbourne pastry chef with a very enviable resume – notably her work under Jacques Reymond to then being head hunted in London to run a 3-Star Michelin restaurant in Paris.

So it is with no surprise that as an adult walking (actually I was sprinting) into Chez Dré for the first time, I felt like a child being treated to all her fluffy, sugary dreams at once.

The space is stunning – a modern French deco ensemble of high ceilings and plush, wooden and marble furniture. But let’s not kid ourselves, at their grand opening on Friday we walked/sprinted to Chez Dré for the pastry.

Picture baskets filled and replenished with delicate pain au chocolates, croissant and brioche. Then there were the dessert platters: a creamy, crunchy vision of colour; and the showcase lined with delectable desserts, macarons and a selection of baguettes for lunch fare.

Only a few days old, Chez Dre is still growing – expect more treats to be added to the menu, an a la carte menu and who knows what other excitement? South Melbourne finally has a third addition to its culinary belt, and might I say it’s almost the most exciting thing since sliced bread.

The Milk Bar recently visited Andrea as she prepared to launch Chez Dre. Below is a video outlining her journey from Melbourne to London to Paris and back.

Chez Dré – Patisserie Boulangerie
Rear of 285-287 Coventry St, South Melbourne
7.30am – 4.30pm daily

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