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Easy as (Baking) Vegan Pie

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April 15, 2012
6:00 pmto8:00 pm

Vegans get an unfair wrap at times. I blame uni food co-ops, where the vegan options were often limited to mush or mush with wholegrain rice. Luckily food blogs like Carla Sammut’s most excellent Easy as Vegan Pie have been showing those scarred by campus bain marie’s that vegan food’s just as good (not to mention healthier) as anything you can whack some milk and grist in.

In early November Carla’s holding her first cooking class, where she’ll run you through the basics of vegan cooking as well as how to prepare vegan versions of stuff like pate, bolognese, caramalised onion quiche and dark chocolate tart. OK, so there’s no vegan version of haggis yet, but that’s probably a good thing.

Heaps of people you like are probably vegan, like Tom York, Andre 3000, Bill Clinton and lady of letters Marieke Hardy. If you ever want them to come over for dinner you should really go to Carla’s cooking class and brush up. Plus you get to eat the fruits of your tasty labor.

WHEN: Sunday 15 April, 6pm – 8pm
WHERE: Milkwood, 120 Nicholson St, Brunswick East
COST: $110.00

Cooking classes are on Thurs 3 Nov and Sun 27 Nov. Classes cost $110, run for two hours and will be held at Milkwood, 120 Nicholson Street, Brunswick East. To book visit:

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