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Opened just a week ago, Wide Open Road is the latest venture from the owners of much loved cafe A Minor Place. Instead of residing in a house like that establishment, Wide Open Road has taken over the building that used to be the Brunswick NQR (that’s their trolley hanging from the wall). More than just a cafe, Wide Open Road is a fully functioning roastery that will start selling it’s custom house blend, Bathysphere, from next week.

Drink options take up as much space on the chalkboard menu as the food, which may indicate the direction this place is going. Coffee lovers will be tempted by the single origin pour over coffee (a method that involves pouring measured amounts of water over roughly ground beans to extract maximum flavour) while tea aficionados will find plenty to like in the Larsen and Thompson and single estate range.

For the hungry, a short, snappy menu focuses on quick eats and take-away options. There are sandwiches (made from organic Loafer Bread), a soup of the day (chickpea, lamb and harissa when we visited) plus a selection of sweet treats like chocolate mud cake and croissants.

We tried the corned beef sandwich ($8.00) and Kenyan single origin coffee ($4.00). The no-nonsense sandwich hit the spot, with the corned beef hot and hearty and bread satisfyingly dense. The pour over coffee took a while arriving (we we warned the process can’t be rushed) but ’twas worth the wait. Fruity, aromatic and surprisingly refreshing, if espresso is like a shot of whiskey, this coffee is a glass of wine. Best lingered over.

For a week out of the blocks Wide Open Road is doing all the right things, and with it’s impressive pedigree is sure to become another fixture on the Brunswick cafe scene. A candid blog on their website details the ups and downs opening the new building, and with plans to expand the dining room, kitchen and menu I look forward to seeing Wide Open Road grow.

Wide Open Road
274 Barkly St, Brunswick
Mon – Sat 7.30am – 5pm
Sun 8am – 5pm

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