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A quick Google search for the name “Edna” will inevitably list a series of links to the entertainer Dame “Edna” Everage.
Although we hate to disappoint, Edna’s Place, a humble cafe in Elsternwick, is not frequented by the Dame her/himself, but we’re sure the patrons are fans.

Named after the female counterpart of the ex-owner, Edna’s Place has long been a local favourite (with more recent additions – Pound 2, Carr St Deli and Loco); with swarms lining up to sample the home-style, modern Israeli fare for breakfast and lunch.

It is always a walk of trepidation into a cafe that has changed its management, but with relief the secret recipes were seemingly passed on in the exchange. And even after all these years, my taste hasn’t changed either; one cannot go to Edna’s without trying their signature meal, the Chicken Baguette ($13.90.) A super-sized dish I always come back to, the crunchy baguette filled with all the classic flavours from a fusion Mediterranean and Middle Eastern kitchen, will not disappoint. Let me walk you through it: heavily marinated, herbed and grilled chicken pieces, caramelised onions with mayonnaise, and an incredibly real side salad (rare these days); drizzled with such a tasty dressing that most tastebuds will react accordingly.

We also tried the Smoked Salmon sandwich on Rye ($14.90) filled with avocado, Spanish onion and mixed salad – not as much knockout flavour as the Chicken Baguette but equally appetising – just a fresher, healthier option.

And if sandwiches don’t tickle your pickle you won’t flounder for options, with Edna’s hearty all-day breakfast, home-made salads with that devilish dressing, Mediterranean delights (a great non-carb choice if you opt to go without the Lebanese bread), as well as their delicious Platters that come with a side salad, as well as a baked potato, wedges or Israeli Couscous. This is ideal for those with a chronic monster hunger that they describe as “low blood sugar” (whatever!) For my fellow monster hungries, try the Chicken Livers or Portuguese Chicken – you’ll “fill the hole” as they say in Hebrew.

Coffee shops serving real “home-style cooking” really are few and far these days but at Edna’s, just like going home to Mum and Dad’s (especially if Mum and Dad happen to be Israeli, Mediterranean or Middle Eastern) you can be sure you won’t leave hungry. As far as the Dame goes, if you ever spot her, let us know!

Edna’s Place
390 Glen Huntly Rd, 
Elsternwick, 3185
9523 0426
Mon – Sat 9.00 – 5.30
Notes to Self: Must try Chicken Baguette, no split bills.

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