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Op-shopping has always been my blanket ethical shopping answer. Recycling other people’s trash became my treasure and I didn’t have to think about China or wool or leather or any other issues that plagued my sensibilities.

Everywhere I go to I always mine the local op-shops, and in Melbourne I’ve made it my mission to visit every Savers. OK, so I haven’t been to Greensborough yet, but one day, one day. Here’s my list to the Top Of The Ops:

Savers Brunswick – 330 Sydney Rd

Completely tapped out. You have to work HARD to get a find there but even then their prices have gone crazy. Don’t even bother with this one. Trash 95% Treasure 5%

Savers Dandenong – 210 Lonsdale St
Quite a good Savers, you can get a haul there and the station isn’t that far to walk. Great for clothes, not so great for home-wares. Trash 40% Treasure 60%

Savers Frankston – 16 – 22 Playne St
This is the mythical two-storey Savers, where I had grand images of a multi-level warehouse full of clothes. This is not quite the case, but it’s still really good. The ground floor is mainly home-wares and large furniture, and unless you’re going with a trailer it holds little value. The second floor is all clothes, some good finds but wasn’t worth the distance for what I got.  Trash 40% Treasure 60%

Savers Footscray – 33 Albert St
This is by far the best. Proper op-shop prices (most kitchen goods are $5 or less) and as big as the Brunswick store but with a better range of home-wares and lots of decent clothes. This is the store I guarantee you will walk out of with a find you really REALLY love. Trash 25% Treasure 75%

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