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The brainchild of Michael Pham: resident photographer at any party associated with an online publication.  More likely than not, he’s either snapped you, or shared a beer with you in a venue below ground, lined with pictures or a launch of some limited edition t-shirt.

In this case, he’s quit his day job and worked alongside Foolscap to design his seven-seater café under the stairs of Platform 5 design studios, right next to the Japanese Bath House in Collingwood.  The signature colour of this café is yellow: the toys, the signs, the flowers, the random trinkets and Pham, himself.

With daily specials and baked goods from the hands of Pham on the menu, he also rotates seasonal salads and unpretentious, playful sandwiches, which presents a sigh of relief to those tired of eating terrines, confits, slow-cooked lamb, twice-cooked pork belly and sous-vide eggs between their hand-crafted artisan breads.  Without skimping on quality or hiding the provenance of his ingredients, Pham is proud to serve you bacon and HP, fish fingers, thyme poached chicken and even the sadly forgotten pork product of ham between slices of Chimmy’s bread.

The continuous stream of locals are testament to the well made coffees using Supreme beans, and if you stay and chat for a while, you’ll soon realise that you’ve been stuck in the tiny vacuum and sucked down several coffees yourself.

Despite the low prices, you’d find it difficult to call this place cheap, but it certainly is cheerful and worth the hike down Langridge St.

51 Cromwell St, 
Collingwood 3066
Mon-Fri  7:30am-3:30pm

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