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Daiso’s Discount Designs

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Think of a $2 shop and cheap wrapping paper, knock-off toys and plastic flowers may spring to mind. But how about a Krypton powered torch and felt slippers for your dining chair? All these and more can now be yours at Daiso.

Known as the 100 Yen Store in Japan, Daiso stocks a bewildering array of affordable Japanese products, from the quirky (Panda-shaped air fresheners, his ‘n’ her anti-bacterial masks) to the efficient (anti-slip driving gloves, portable dumpling makers) to the edible (soy sauce lollies, soba noodles and squid peanuts).

And the other nifty thing? Everything’s $2.80, so there’s no excuse not to buy that plus-size comic book holder.

Shop 23, Hive Shopping Centre
313 Victoria St, Abbotsford
Sat to Thurs 9 – 7
Fri 9 – 9


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