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They’re usually found roving the streets, revealing their locations via tweets; a convention not too dissimilar of the LA fusion taco trucks.  The Beatbox Kitchen first appeared at Meredith a year back, and has since made many reappearances. They’re now firmly located at Curtain House’s Rooftop Bar- for the summer, anyways.

As with every food stall which has occupied the Rooftop’s kitchen, they like to keep things relatively simple with a restricted menu.  It goes as far as a beef burger (Raph Burger) or a vegetarian burger (Shroom burger), fries and condiments.  At $11 a piece, they’re a little steeper than your usual burger, but when you’re faced with a juicy patty of grass fed beef, no-nonsense trimmings such as cos lettuce, tomato, onion, cheese and something they like to dub Stereo Sauce, you understand the beauty of a premium burger.

The burgers are served American-style.  You won’t be able to ask for beetroot, pineapple, bacon, eggs or any of that other jazz we here in Australia like to add on, you will receive a soft, toasted bun filled with the burger of your choice, half-wrapped in foil to avoid burger juice from spraying all over you.  Fries come at an extra, but are worth it for their home made tomato relish, alone.

Beatbox Kitchen
Open daily 12pm – late
Twitter: @beatboxkitchen

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