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We Graze At Australia’s First Free-Range Deli

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Growing up on a dairy farm in Gippsland, Jess Sissons was introduced to free-range produce from an early age, and never kicked the habit. Moving to Melbourne and working in a number of delis she noticed an increasing demand for free-range meats and decided, with her partner Tim Merrit, to open Bezela, Australia’s first free-range deli.

With quotes extolling the virtues of animal liberty lining the walls, Bezela isn’t your average deli. There’s a wooden box where you can pick your own eggs (free-ranges, of course) home-made shortbread and a selection of take-away meals made fresh daily, including Andalusian Lamb, Chorizo and Red Lentil Stew and Vegetable Penang. Local and international cheeses include Dorset Cheddar, Ash Pecorina and a Raw Milk Fontina.

But the meats are the star attraction here, and deservedly so. Sourcing much of their produce from the Barossa Valley, Jess and Tim have created a lip-smacking smorgasbord of smoked and cured meats, from Kangaroo Salami and Wagyu Roast Beef to a salty, sublime Jamon Iberico. Don’t leave without sampling the indulgent Duck Galliture, a debonded duck stuffed with chicken, pork and peppercorns.

With its inventive range of free-range options and friendly service, Bezela is a welcome addition to Melbourne’s deli circuit.

And the name? Bezela was Jess’ pet cow.

Bezela Foodstore
105 Elgin St, Carlton
9347 9393
Mon – Fri 9.30am – 7pm
Sat 9am – 3pm


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