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Sustainability, locavore and teensy carbon footprints are terms that get bandied about a lot these days, but few cafes put their buzzwords where their buck is like Kitchen Kultcha. Opened a few months back in a quiet stretch of Brunswick, this new café is using its residential surroundings to source locally grown produce to create a rotating menu of seasonal dishes.

Head chef Daniel Thomson, former sous chef at Birdie Num Nums, is the man behind this nifty idea. It works like this: a customer brings in a bunch of fruit or veggies from their garden that would otherwise go to waste, and the kitchen then uses them to make a signature dish that week, plus giving the donor a free meal. Everyone’s a winner here – the kitchen gets fresh local produce and the punters, besides getting a free feed, know their garden is helping feed the community.

What Daniel does with the produce is just as interesting; crafting an eclectic, seasonal menu that could best be described as modern comfort food. Breakfast options include coddled eggs with crunchy croutons, braised mushroom, pancetta and spinach ($15) and Chocolate brioche French toast with raspberry sauce and toasted almond ($12.50). Lunch is equally indulgent with the Croque Madame (mustard, tomato, ham with triple cheese béchamel sauce plus fried egg on sourdough, $9.50) and a selection of sandwiches with fillings like roast turkey plus stuffing, cranberry and cos, avocado mousse and grilled vegetables and slow cooked BBQ meatloaf with mozzarella (all $9.50). I pick the meatloaf, because I haven’t had it for years, and order a coconut and vanilla milkshake to compliment my retro mood.

The freshly toasted sandwich arrives stuffed with a generous slab of meatloaf, the still warm mozzarella oozing down it’s sides. Crowned with lettuce and dressed with a delicious, chutney-esque BBQ sauce (Daniel’s mum’s secret recipe) the sandwich tastes like something mamma used to make. Good, hearty and made with care. Washed down with the milkshake and I’m ready to take a nap.

With an ever changing menu and a backyard full of lemon and herbs, I know I’ll be stopping Kitchen Kultcha again soon. Lucky for me they’re open over the holidays.

Kitchen Kultcha
43 Glenlyon Rd, Brunswick
9380 6111
Mon – Fri 7 – 5
Sat 8 – 5
Sun 8.30 – 5


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