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Not All Buns Are Created Equal

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I’m a perennial fan of snacks, those bite-sized bits of goodness that can be enjoyed on-the-run without costing more than a coffee. One of my favourite snacks is the Chinese steamed bun, and my favourite place to get them is Nam Loong.

Tiny, bustling Nam Loong has been cranking out steamed buns for over thirty years, and they’ve got it down to an art. They have a dozen different buns to tempt you with, from the Chicken and Mushroom, Seaweed and Pork to the sweet Lotus Seed and Egg Custard varieties (all $1.50). However the king of the BUNch is the mighty Combination bun, a heady mix of pork, chicken, vegetables, chinese sausage and a whole egg (!)

At $3.00 a pop it’s the priciest option, but one steaming Combination bun, doused with liberal lashings of soy, will be enough to sate the keenest of appetites.

Nam Loong also has a variety of well priced, generously proportioned eat-in options, and they do take-away too. And that pretty much ticks all my boxes.

Nam Loong
223 Russell Street, Melbourne
9663 4089


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