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In Season: Cherries

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Get in quick because the brief, brilliant season of the cherry is upon us! One of the oldest cultivated fruits; the cherry was a favorite of the Romans, whose name translates as for the birds. Equally reknowned for their fruit and blossoms, nothing spells the start of summer like cherry season.

When picking cherries remember the darker the color, the sweeter the cherry. Sweet cherries should have a firm, shiny flesh while sour cherries are best medium-firm. Fresh cherries should be bright, shiny and without blemishes, avoid cherries without their stems as they have a shorter shelf life.

You can store unwashed cherries in a plastic bag in the fridge, but remember to leave them out for an hour or so before eating, as cherries are best served at room temperature. Cherries can be frozen, though should be pitted first, otherwise they’re best enjoyed within three to four days of purchase.

Cherry season in Victoria runs until mid-January.