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Need A Hand This Christmas? Call ASSET

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Being a large, busy household we decided to alleviate our stress by hiring a cleaner. Asking around for recommendations I was introduced to the wonderful work that ASSET is doing. ASSET is the Asylum Seeker Resource Centre’s recruitment company. There are many services available, all at competitive prices. ASSET has their own catering company, cleaners, gardeners and other skilled workers in their recruitment pool. Their recruitment services are completely free and committed to finding the right person for the job. ASRC says “ASRC Employment is not about charity, but about supporting asylum seekers to contribute to their local community by utilising their particular skills and knowledge, their resilience and ingenuity. It’s also about assisting local employers to access a largely untapped pool of skilled workers with ease and efficiency.”

So the next time you’re planning a work event and need a caterer or too tired to tackle the spring over growth of your garden give ASSET a shout. To inquire about services and read their glowing testimonials visit the ASSET website :


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