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Discovering The Nepalese Dumpling

Posted by Dan Kuseta


Nepal’s best know for mountains, lassi’s and Sherpa’s. But after a recent visit to Momo Station, I’m convinced momo’s (a type of dumpling) should be added to the list. Tucked at the back of faded jewel Tivoli Arcade, Momo Station serves up hearty, healthy-on-the-hip-pocket Nepalese to anyone lucky enough to stumble upon it.

While service is rudimentary (you get your own cutlery, condiments and water) so are the prices. Nothing’s over ten bucks and the servings are bigger than Everest (sorry). My wingman and I order the chicken momo (at $7.50, one of the pricier items on the menu), vegetable momo ($6.50) and the daily special – mango lassi ($4.00).

The chicken momo arrive in a generous gang of ten and come with a bowl of chicken broth, while the veggie option comes paired with a side of steamed carrot and cucumber. Both are accompanied with a potato and chilli paste, which I quickly (and painfully) learn is hot enough to blow your socks off. I’m a fan of heat but this dragon’s breath is too much for me, and I stick to my trusty bottle of sriracha.

The momo’s, both steamed, are plump and juicy. The chicken filling is fleshy, with coriander adding oomph, while the vegetable momo boasts an earthy mix of carrots and potatoes. Splashed with some soy they start to sing, and the mango lassi (so rich and thick it’s like sucking a mango through a straw) provides a crisp palette cleanse between bites.

Whilst Melbourne certainly doesn’t want for dumpling restaurants, traditionally in the Chinese and Japanese styles, Momo Station’s take on this humble snack is a breath of fresh air. Trek on over to see what all the fuss is about.

Momo Station
Shop 25, Tivoli Arcade
235 – 251 Bourke Street, Melbourne
0431 052 014


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