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Neo Dia’s Vision

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Neo Dia, an independent label by Melbourne designers Becky Chau and Gavin Lowe, has just launched its inaugural collection – Lucid Construct. The collection consists of sleek, modern designs that are dramatic yet playful, showcasing the innovative technique and form that are making this label one to watch.

Meeting at the RMIT fashion school and sharing a similar design aesthetic, Becky and Gavin decided to launch Neo Dia in their final year of study. As conceptual designers, they construct creatively edgy yet ultimately wearable designs. “We understand that there needs to be a balance between being commercial and conceptual. The collection is a mix of basics with a twist of technique. We also like to branch out with more experimental pieces where people can go wow!”

It is that exploration of fabric manipulation and pattern-making techniques that makes Lucid Construct such a distinctive debut collection. “We want to focus on new shapes. Cutting, slashing, folding, pulling- it’s all about experimentation.” Becky explains. Gavin continues: “It’s about playing with shape and form, we draw a lot of inspiration from primary shapes.”

Currently working on their second collection, Becky and Gavin have their sights set on growing the label organically and obtaining stockists. “Ultimately we want to do this as our full time job and stick to what we believe in.” And if the buzz and positive reaction the duo’s collection has received from local and international blogs, 2011 is shaping to be a monumental year for the design duo.

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Photographs courtesy of Daniel Archer and Phillip Papadis.
Stylist- Jam Baylon

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