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Mildura Brews A Beer For All Seasons

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The sale of alcohol was illegal in the Australian Capital Territory from 1910 until 1928, when the prohibition was removed by public plebiscite. It was the opinion of the politician King O’Malley, one of Canberra’s founding fathers, that “Stagger juice and efficient public business are absolutely incompatible”. He saw that men who longed after a sip of the juice would be better off not working in the Capital.

In June 2005 I spent a day in Canberra with a delegation of craft brewers, trying to convince politicians that the tax on small-scale brewing was unfair. One of the delegation was Don Carrazza from Mildura Brewery.

Don has been a mover and shaker in the town, responsible for introducing the espresso machine and cappuccino coffee to Mildura in the late 1950’s. In 1989 he purchased The Mildura Grand Hotel and his son-in-law later opened Stefano’s Restaurant in the cellar. Adjoining it was the disused Astor Theatre where Don found his next entrepreneurial opportunity and opened The Mildura Brewery, which has been brewing a selection of artisan beers since 2004.

The beers
Murray Honey Wheat
is a delicate, light to medium bodied beer with quite low bitterness. Honey is added to the ferment giving it a remarkably light and clean flavour. Nothing dry about it, it’s perfect for those who don’t have a tongue for bitterness.

Mallee Bull is a heavier contender at 5.6% alcohol. It’s a malt driven heavyweight, as opposed to the more common hophead beers. It carries with it a decent amount of body and weight would make perfect sparring partners with a medium rare porterhouse.

Storm Cloudy Ale belongs in the hophead corner with lots of citrusy and pine like aromas.  It is a bitter, so if you enjoy Campari with a dash of soda and think a stain of milk in an espresso coffee is pollution you’ll like this one.

Mildura Brewery distinguishes itself from other micro-breweries by producing a wide range of beers for all palettes – something for everyone. You’ll find their selection at Dan Murphy’s and David Jones. And for more info visit:

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