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Trocadero Opens It’s Doors For A Day

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November 27, 2010
1:00 pm

Always wanted an Access All Areas pass? This weekend artists throughout Melbourne’s west open their doors to the public. Paul Andrew spoke with Nikki Lam at Trocadero art space, where she, alongside fellow artists Michael Brennan and Lou Molesworth, will provide an insight into their work and studio practice.

Describe your work Nikki.
My work explores the immateriality of attachments through packing.

I was reminded of Nam June Paik’s video assemblage’s when I observed your installation.
He was my inspiration for some of my past works. I wouldn’t say his work inspired ‘Longing Be-Longing’ in particular but I guess his video works are so influential it’s hard not to be inspired in some ways.

Tell me about other artists who influence you?
There are a few artists that helped me further my work, however I’m usually inspired by the things that are around me. If I had to name some artists they’d be Joanna Billings and Alfredo & Isabel Aquilizan.

What is the concept behind the video art?
It allows artists to document or film subjects on a continuous basis, as well as explore the notion of time. It’s also much easier for artists to convey ideas through video art – the viewer of the 21st century is so familiar with the moving image that it has become a common visual language, which is easily to be related to.

What is the artist’s role today?
It could be anything. The role of an artist has changed so much in the past decade, it has become a subjective matter.

What do you love about artist-run spaces like Trocadero?
They are very important to any arts community because they provide equal opportunities for both emerging and established artists to test their works. It’s amazing how many exciting new artists you can find at artists’ run spaces like Trocadero. As an early career artist, I find it very encouraging to be exhibiting in such supportive environment.

When: This Saturday only @ 1pm
Where: Trocadero Artists Space
Level 1/119 Hopkins Street, Footscray


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