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Although the demographic gentrification flow (Fitzroy>Carlton>Northcote>Brunswick) has been swift, the actual facilities in Brunswick have been a lot slower in catching up. There are still relatively few great places to eat on Sydney Road, though some of the cafes are getting hip, others staying stalwart but the shopping is definitely getting better (can I get a hollar for Melbourne’s only vegan grocery store Radical Grocery).

Tom Phat is one of Sydney Roads best. Salty, pungent, smoky, steaming, heaving plates of perfectly cooked Thai food get placed in front of you and you almost swoon off your seat from the smells. Most items off the menu can be made vegan and the staff are not only friendly in accommodating you, most of them proclaim “I’m vegan too!”.

The service can get bad when they are slammed (which is OFTEN, especially on the weekend) and you can also get a little out of mind if you sit out of sight on the pavement but with food this good I’m willing to take a hit. Pictured, the Nasi Goreng (minus egg) and the current special of the Tempeh Rendang (a little too sweet for me, but my dining partner loved it). Don’t get me wrong, this is food for everyone, its just has the added bonus of being extremely vegan friendly.

They also have an impressive breakfast and alcohol menu.

Deets: 184 Sydney Road, Brunswick

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