My Disco’s ‘Little Joy’ Brings The Happy

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My Disco – Little Joy [2010]

What is it about these guys? My Disco’s latest incarnation, Little Joy, sees the Melbourne three-piece turn out perhaps the ‘poppiest’ of their albums yet. Normally this would be a sign for rigid fans to cut off their ears in protest, but even the diehards should be able to appreciate the vigorous blend of My Disco’s primordial minimalism with a fresher layer of colourful percussion and – at times – uplifting guitar melodies.

The aptly named Sunray – appearing right in the middle of the album – is most indicative of this. The guitar drives the rousing qualities of Sunray, giving My Disco a warmth and subtle sentimentality with which they’ve scarcely been associated in the past. Anti-pop diehards can relax though, because this (and the prevalence of rototoms in at least half of the tracks) marks just about the extent of the album’s commercial appeal. My Disco still stay true to their post-rock/DIY roots, and Little Joy maintains the raw, hypnotic qualities of its predecessors that My Disco’s fans so vehemently adore.

As with all of My Disco’s albums, Little Joy is something you’ll want to experience all at once. From start to finish, the album moves the listener through the mechanical mindscapes of tracks like Young and With Age to the panoramic landscapes of Turn (the first single from the album) and Lil’ Joy.

Once again My Disco have demonstrated their great faculty for picking up the listener and carrying them through a spectrum of visual terrains, staking their place yet again as Melbourne’s masters of musical hypnosis.

Catch My Disco during their Australian tour from late November to mid-December.

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